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A bar in the interior is a decision that is more typical for European countries. But gradually it is gaining popularity in Russia, among people interested in the culture of drinking alcohol. After all, you can just drink, but you can make this whole art. Learn how to do this in more detail later in the article.

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  • Why is it needed?
  • Stationary bar
  • Mini bar
  • Design
  • Location
  • Filling
  • Accessories
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  • Why is it needed?
  • Stationary bar
  • Mini bar
  • Filling
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 120 photos)
  • Why is it needed?

    Actually, this defines two main tasks of any bar:

    • Alcohol storage. In order to have a drink with friends once, you don’t need to store anything, just buy a couple of bottles before the meeting. But to calmly and gradually drink your favorite drinks, this is not enough. Cognac for coffee, a stack of good liquor for an interesting book, a glass of whiskey after a hard day's work. It is difficult to buy drinks every time, it is much more rational to store several bottles for different occasions.
    • Mixing cocktails. In order to drink an alcoholic cocktail, you can go to the club, overpay there several times and leave with a headache. And you can arrange a bar at home and turn the consumption of cocktails into a hobby that will not only take time, but also help you start to drink less.

    Comfortable bar in the interior of the kitchen

    In general, having a bar at home is a big bar, a mini bar is a way to reduce alcohol consumption. Of course, it does not suit drunken alcoholics, but for people who are just beginning to feel that something is not in order, it may well help.

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    Stationary bar

    Arranging a stationary bar at home means getting a bar counter, bottle rack and lots of useful tools like a shaker and special cocktail glasses. The solution is pretentious, beautiful, but suitable only for a country house or a very large apartment - otherwise it will not be possible to allocate a place for it.

    Stationary option for arrangement

    This bar includes:

    • Bar counter. High, narrow, with the obligatory lighting hanging from the ceiling and a metal pipe for hanging accessories, it looks great. It's nice to drink alcohol after her - you can feel like a hero of a Hollywood movie.
    • Bar chairs. High, always suitable for the height of a particular rack, with a footrest, which allows you to sit comfortably. They can be made of different materials, but must be well combined with the rack.
    • Actually, the bar. Located behind the bar, includes open shelves of the rack, on which you can place bottles of alcohol. Everything should be at hand, everything in sight, everything is easy to reach. Usually used for the manufacture of wood and glass.

    Comfortable stand

    Such a design - the lot of aesthetes. Behind her is sad to just drink, for her you need to drink sensibly, beautifully. The style that is commonly used is loft or classic English. More natural materials, discreet natural colors.

    Under the counter must be special shelves with spaced accessories, and next - a portable refrigerator with a supply of ice.

    BoardUnder such a bar is best to allocate a separate room, because it at once captures all the attention and is absolutely not combined with either the kitchen suite or the living room suite.

    Private room under the bar - only when space allows

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    Mini bar

    If the stationary bar will require a lot of space, then the mini-bar will fit perfectly in a regular apartment. The only thing you need is a more or less urgent repair - otherwise the bar will break out, spoil the whole interior.

    With a bar - standard option

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    First of all, you need to decide on the design, and the first point depends on how obvious the presence in the bar room should be:

    • Built. Built-in bars can be seen in hotels and sometimes in offices. As a rule, they hide behind pictures, behind an inconspicuous piece of wallpaper, or simply seem like a regular locker. It is extremely easy to fit the built-in structure into the interior, it is enough just to choose a suitable door.
    • Closed. This bar is a locker, which is either hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Equipped with doors, behind which the contents are not visible. It can perfectly complement the interior and no one needs to know what is inside it.
    • Open. Such bars are rare, because all a little bit decent alcohol requires protection from the sun. But if you are not going to buy something expensive and will use matte bottles, this solution will suit you.

    Open option for use

    Plays a role as well:

    • Capacity. As a rule, the usual home mini-bar fits up to thirty liters of alcohol. For home use, this is more than enough, and larger models are required for serious collectors. They cost more, take up more space, so if you plan to limit yourself to a dozen bottles, you should take a standard volume.
    • Number of branches. The number can be different - from one to four or even five. Sometimes small boxes are added to them in which you can store tools, extra little things. This is a question of beauty rather than convenience.
    • Temperature conditions. Different alcohol requires different temperatures. Something can be stored only in a cool place, something requires relative heat. If you need standard equipment - vodka, whiskey, brandy, wine, liqueurs and anything non-alcoholic - then you should take the standard average temperature. But if you have an extensive collection, expensive, capricious, then you should choose a mini-bar with different temperatures in different departments - from five degrees to seventeen.

    Practical mini-bar with the most necessary

    And, of course, it is important how the mini-bar will look. It may be:

    • Standard embedded. This in the interior is almost invisible - no accent, no difficulties in order to enter it, none of the incoming will not know.
    • Locker. Hangs on the wall, looks like a small locker, usually wooden. Fits well with classic interiors, but in modern it will look good in the form of a rack with glass, for example, shelves.
    • Bedside table. It is placed on the floor, usually in appearance resembles a standard buffet, only small. As a rule, replete with offices for trifles.
    • Barrel. The original design, which will fit only in classic interiors, which looks quite funny and may hint at the fact that the owner has a sense of humor. Especially good if you have the most wine in the bar.

    Like a real globe, but with a surprise

    • globe. Another original design, which looks like a real globe. To get alcohol, it is enough to flip the lid. It will look good in the interior of the office in a classic European style.
    • Television. Do you have a stray old ray TV, and the repair leaves much to be desired? Make a highlight of it! Remove the picture tube, and in the empty space, insert the shelves - the result will be an original and simple mini-bar.
    • Safe. You do not want someone to know about your hobby? Minibar in the form of a safe perfectly keep the secret. It can be put in the office, and can be embedded in the wall. Many models are equipped with an electric combination lock so that only the owner can get access.
    • Table on wheels. It usually looks quite funny, the shape is round and allows you to move the entire bar along with the contents to the right room.
    • Rack. If your bar has the most wine, then a classic rack with cells similar to honeycombs will do. The bottles will be stored horizontally in it, which is the most correct, and it will perfectly fit the interior in the spirit of Italian classics.

    Table on wheels - fun and interesting

    You can make a mini-bar yourself, or you can buy it - the only difference is whether you want to spend time and energy on it.

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    The mini-bar can find its place in different rooms - and everywhere it will look differently:

    • Kitchen. It looks good mini-bar in the form of a locker, similar to the cupboards of the kitchen. So it does not stand out, fits well with the interior. You can, however, go the other way and buy something original, but suitable in style. For example, a barrel in a modern Scandinavian or a wine rack in the likeness of a patio.
    • Living room. Guests are welcome here, and if you are going to drink with them, you can highlight the presence of the bar. To do this, you can either take a separate corner to it, or simply insert a locker into the headset, which, nevertheless, will stand out.
    • Cabinet. If your whole life passes in the office, then you can put a bar there. The most common design is in the form of a safe. After all, no one is surprised that you have it in principle.

    Set aside a corner in the living room

    Other rooms for the location of the design is not suitable too well. Entrance hallway, it does not put anything important. In the bathroom is wet, and it would be strange to install a cabinet with alcohol in it. In the nursery - all the more.

    You can, however, put a bar in the bedroom, choosing any design you like.

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    All the same, for what task you wound it up - as soon as it is installed, the bar needs to be filled.

    It is important to follow a few rules after purchase.

    There are a couple of simple tips for this:

    • Start with one bottle. Alcohol, which can be put in a bar, usually expensive, elite. Buy a complete collection at once, not everyone can afford it, but one bottle is fine. They usually start with something loved. It is especially easy for those who started a bar to mix cocktails - you can use a bottle of strong alcohol in more than a dozen recipes.
    • Do not drink everything at once. If you know the habit of drinking a lot, try to break it. To do this, start the first one bottle, then the second. If you want to drink, drink a little, and alcohol should be expensive - you won’t drink a few thousand drinks as often and in the same quantities as cheap counterparts.
    • Do not call friends. You usually want to brag about the bar immediately, but it's better to do it later, and to invite only those who can stay in a small portion. Drinking at a company costs no sooner than you get at least a third bottle.

    Start a gradual introduction to the bar.

    The standard bar consists of the following drinks:

    • gin, and you need to buy it, even if you don't like it by yourself;
    • vodka, by no means cheap from the nearest store, but good and expensive;
    • whiskey, and in two forms - bourbon and scotch;
    • rum - white and aged, necessarily two bottles;
    • orange liqueur - used to make cocktails;
    • vermouth - sweet and dry, also for cocktails above all;
    • brandy, cognac and tequila.

    There is a standard bar filling set.

    From such a set you can collect a huge amount of cocktails, plus there is always something to drink at the bar. You can supplement the collection with wines, cider, beer, other liqueurs, except for orange - in fact, any alcohol you like.BoardGet into the habit of keeping ice in the fridge, and not just one mold, but two or three. Without it, alcohol with alcoholic cocktails is drunk infrequently.

    Do not forget the ice

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    To prepare cocktails, the bar (even if it is mini) needs to be supplemented with the necessary accessories. There are not so many without whom there is nothing:

    • Shaker. Cocktail ingredients are poured into it, and then mixed easily. It happens classic, which consists of three elements that can be separated, and Boston, which looks like two cups superimposed on each other.
    • Mixing glass. In this mix the ingredients with a single density, which is easy to mix.
    • Bar spoon. It looks like an ordinary one, but it has a very long handle.
    • Jigger. It is also a measuring cup, with which it is easy to determine the volume.
    • Strainer. Helps filter the mixture.

    Fill with what you love

    Additionally, a blender with the function of a juicer is useful - with it you will be able to prepare fresh juices. Everything else, in fact, is already optional.

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    VIDEO: Doing a mini bar with your own hands