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Liquid wallpaper for walls (+150 photos). How to apply, the advantages and disadvantages of the material


Liquid wallpaper in the interior - this is a popular material for decorating the surface of the walls. Featuring high wear resistance, these dry mixes allow you to create a practical design of any room. Such a way of decorating the walls has its beginning since the reign of French King Charles VII, who set an almost impossible task for his masters - to complete the restoration of the whole castle in three days. To speed up the work of the designers, it was decided to grind silk cloths and mix them with glue. This method allowed to quickly update the design of the walls. The order of the king was executed on time. More detail later in the article.


  • What are liquid wallpapers
  • Advantages of using the material
  • Disadvantages of the application
  • Affordable design luxury
  • Liquid corridor of the corridor
  • Kitchen: appropriate or not
  • Living room: bright accents
  • Bedroom: severity or boudoir bliss
  • Children: to be or not to be
  • Wallpaper on the ceiling
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Ideas for decorating rooms with liquid wallpaper
  • What are liquid wallpapers

    In modern interpretation, this material is different from its distant predecessor, invented by French masters. The word “wallpaper” in the title does not closely match our understanding of paper, vinyl or other types of wallpaper rolls.

    Wallpapers that always look gorgeous

    The material for the work is a dry powder mixture, packaged in bags, which may contain:

    • wool;
    • glitters;
    • synthetic fibers;
    • acrylic;
    • cellulose;
    • silk;
    • cotton.

    Initial view before choosing

    Apply this method of finishing can be in almost any room where there is no high humidity. We conclude that for the bathroom this option is not suitable.

    The surface after application is smooth and without chipping.

    The texture of wall processing is created when diluting the dry component with water. The resulting adhesive mass has the ability to be well distributed over the surfaces of the walls or ceiling. In this case, the coating layer is quite thin, about 0.2-0.3 cm. Externally, the surface looks solid, with no visible joints or seams.

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    Advantages of using the material

    Type of design should take into account coverage. It is tactilely pleasant, creates a cozy homely atmosphere, looks warm and pleasing to the eye.

    The atmosphere of comfort and beauty

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    Breathability and noise insulation

    This type of coating is not hermetic. The mixture distributed over the surface allows the walls to "breathe". Thus, good air exchange is created.

    Liquid contain in the structure various fibers. This allows you to maintain good sound insulation, extinguishing sounds, creating comfort.

    Good insulation due to the fibers in the composition

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    Safety and use in the nursery

    The composition of the dry mixture is safe. It does not release harmful compounds into the air. In this regard, such coverage can be applied even to decorate a child’s room.

    Liquid wallpaper safe for children

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    Easy application and care

    Cover the wall with liquid wallpaper - not a difficult task. Even an inexperienced person without special skills can handle it.

    To apply liquid wallpaper on the wall, it is not at all necessary to free up a large space - you do not need to roll a roll of wallpaper on the floor, measure dimensions and coat the panels with glue. Everything is much simpler here.

    Wide variety of colors

    If after making the wall with a mixture of varnish applied, then this surface can be washed. This is convenient to do, for example, in the hallway. But even without additional coverage, this type of wallpaper does not attract dust and therefore does not require complex care.

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    Camouflage minor wall flaws

    The texture of the material, which is created during freezing, masks minor defects of the walls. Significant irregularities while not able to hide. After applying the joints will not be visible, the coating is homogeneous.

    Rich appearance due to saturation of colors

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    Restoration work

    If necessary, the wall can be repainted. This can be done at any time, even immediately after the mixture hardens on the surface.

    Very easy to fix if you need to.

    Are there animals or small children in the house that often damage walls? In this case, liquid is one of the best options for covering walls, because the affected fragment is so easy to restore. To do this, use the same composition. When it dries well, no repair marks will be visible at all.

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    Long service life

    The composition of the liquid wallpaper selected such components, for example, silk fibers, which give strength and make the coating resistant to fading. The service life of liquid wallpaper - more than 10 years.

    Due to their composition, they serve for a very long time.

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    Universality of coverage

    You have a chance:

    • choose the option of applying to the walls;
    • select colors;
    • use stencils.

    It provides opportunities for creativity. Liquid can be selected for rooms:

    • halls;
    • bedrooms;
    • children;
    • living rooms, etc.

    Universal, which fit any interior

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    Disadvantages of the application

    In addition to the advantages, this finishing material has some drawbacks. He has a significant cost. It is higher, for example, than paper and vinyl wallpaper.

    Despite its practicality and beauty, very expensive

    This wallpaper has a strong hygroscopicity, which is good when removing the coating from the walls, but is not suitable for decoration of wet rooms in the house. The choice of shades also have limitations in flight design ideas.

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    Affordable design luxury

    You can create a beautiful, and even luxurious, interior with the use of this type of finish. To do this, select the warm shades of classic colors with spectacular golden components as a filler. Flickering particles give the interior warmth and exclusivity, especially if their beauty is distinguished by good lighting.

    Luxurious living room interior

    Golden and shimmering particles in the design - a spectacular reception. The main thing is to comply with the measure regarding their quantity.

    The original porous texture has good air permeability, which allows you to retain heat and prevents fogging. In this case, the surface become unusual.

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    Liquid corridor of the corridor

    It may seem that for the corridor or the hallway such coverage would not be the best option. But it is not so. When applied on top of a clear lacquer wall get the necessary strength of the coating.

    For the corridor and the hall there should be a design that will be organically combined with the design of the rest of the premises.

    The perfect solution to apply such wallpaper in the hallway

    Liquid wallpaper creates all the conditions for the combination and goes well with various finishing materials:

    • brick masonry;
    • wild stone;
    • gypsum stucco;
    • textured plaster, etc.

    Light combination with many finishes

    Monochrome wall decoration is an embodiment of elegance and a sense of proportion. But in some rooms, this approach may seem boring and uninteresting.

    To revitalize the interior, you can add stripes or more complex patterns. In embodiments of your imagination you can easily combine various colors of liquid wallpaper with each other, combine with other finishing materials or use only to create drawings.

    Creating complex designs for a more spectacular look.

    These can be either individual lines or whole patterned fragments that can be arranged:

    • vertically;
    • horizontally; inclined;
    • waves;
    • abstract patterns;
    • spirals, etc.

    Do you have a small hallway? Then pay attention to the light shades of liquid wallpaper. Dark ones may seem more practical, but they have a peculiarity to influence the perception of a room. It will appear smaller, darker and more uncomfortable, which is not at all desirable.

    Universal shades in the design are:

    • beige;
    • golden;
    • gray tones;
    • peach.

    Universal beige shade for finishing

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    Kitchen: appropriate or not

    For the kitchen, many prefer to combine vinyl wallpaper with tiles for decorating the apron. Very often such wallpapers are selected that contain pictures with the image of fruits, flowers or kitchen utensils. This design is not for everyone. Like monochromatic coloring.

    Design in cool colors for the kitchen

    An alternative option may be painting with liquid wallpaper. They allow you to highlight the kitchen walls suitable shade, which would be in harmony with the furniture and decor. The color scheme allows it.

    The unusual texture can be a real highlight of the interior. How to be with the kitchen apron, because the liquid will not withstand aggressive cleaning?

    The solution can be the installation of glass only in the area of ​​the kitchen apron. This technique will preserve the integrity of the design and prevent excessive contamination of the surface of the walls near the stove and sink.

    For the kitchen you need to choose the color of the wallpaper. It is necessary to take into account the coloring of furniture facades and table tops, the type of curtains on the windows and the style of the room itself.

    Be sure to combine the wallpaper with the whole style of the kitchen

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    Living room: bright accents

    For the living room, you can choose not only bright colors, but also muted. Liquid wallpaper can be combined here with other finishing materials. This decoration allows you to decorate the entire wall, select only a fragment in the recreation area or use it for all surfaces.

    You can mix several shades for unexpected creative effects.

    Bright finish by combining several colors

    It is not advisable to combine liquid with conventional wallpaper. Because of this, they can lose all their individuality and “get lost” against the background of another finish.

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    Bedroom: austerity or boudoir bliss

    For this room, soothing shades interspersed with silver and gold will make it possible to emphasize a part of the wall, for example, a headboard. This creates an original accent in the design.

    Choose to match the main style

    In the composition of some types of liquid wallpaper there is natural silk. Its noble luster creates the impression of textiles on the walls and gives a feeling of royal luxury. In addition to the monochrome finish, liquid wallpaper makes it possible to create entire landscapes, for example, with the sunset and the sea surf.

    Good mood with bright moments

    In addition to these effects, liquid can serve as a tool for zoning a room. Such a reception would be good not only for the bedroom, but also for the living room and for the nursery.

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    Children: to be or not to be

    In the child's room, this design material will allow you to create fabulous seascapes on the walls, draw flowers, fairies and butterflies houses. Cartoon characters and the inhabitants of the magic forest can settle on the walls of the children's room of a boy or girl.

    Choose or not this type of nursery is up to you.

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    Wallpaper on the ceiling

    The ceiling is a complex plane in terms of ease of design. Bringing it into a decent, and even better, beautiful view, can be a difficult task.

    Liquid may be used both on a flat surface of the ceiling, and on a multi-tiered, formed with the help of drywall. The use of stucco plaster will create an additional decorative effect, as well as patching the embossed parts of the decor.

    Ceiling decoration liquid wallpaper

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